#SilenceTheShameMental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and unfortunately many Black and Latinx individuals suffer in silence due to the stigma(s) associated with the acknowledgement that Mental Health has and played/displayed in our cultures and communities.

Veteran music industry executive, marketing consultant, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author Shanti Das is the Founder/Executive Director and genius behind the #SilenceTheShame Campaign.  Silence the Shame is a nonprofit organization that focuses on education and awareness around mental health. Through community conversations, compelling content and outreach programs, they aim to normalize the conversation, peel back the layers of shame, eliminate the stigma and provide support for mental well-being.

“It’s important for me to open the dialogue because so many people are suffering in silence… I’m just hoping that we’re able to help a lot of people,” said Das.

Personally overcoming my own battles with anxiety and depression stemming from Postpartum to episodic that was invisible to most and I masked for far too long on cruise control I am a true champion for this cause as now is the time to recognize how important it is to humanize mental illness, and realize that it is not a weakness nor is it a disability. However it is an opportunity to fine tune the best parts of who you are for those who you love and genuinely love you in return.

Check out the video below and for more information check out Shanti and her amazing team at https://silencetheshame.com/.


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